About the Weather – Communique from Emerald Shield

The Emerald Shield, an anonymous collective of Irish magicians, has chosen Gaelic Divinations as a temporary mouthpiece after they have been mysteriously locked out of their free wordpress.com blog. They wish me to convey this misfortune as well an important message about the weather across the globe as-of late Autumn.

To understand The Emerald Shield and their purpose, see the front page of their inactive blog here. The fact that their blog is still online but has been removed from their control is interesting to say the least.

First, they wish for you to watch this video by Truthstream Media for context.

Direct Communique from The Emerald Shield:

Many conspiracy theorists (rightly) allege that our weather systems are being manipulated by corporate and government interests. However, this Winter’s major weather upsets can be assigned to a much more worrying cause which has been feeding into the aforementioned conspirators’ agenda.

As the above video demonstrates, the news-media and meteorological services have the population is hysterics. As the weather and climate are intertwined with Human consciousness, this hysteria is feeding into further destructive weather patterns. Then, in turn, more destructive weather patterns are generated – rinse and repeat. This is liquid gold to the enemies of mankind as we are now doing their job for them – we’re destroying ourselves.

The source of this current problem is not solely chemtrails, HAARP, or elite dark sorcery, but the well-intentioned actions of self-proclaimed “Light Worker” magicians in North America. These egotistical dipshits thought it was a good idea to cover the world in snow. Regrettably, these people possess great power and clearly don’t have the prerequisite foresight or selflessness to engage in such large-scale sorcery. As a result, they have caused numerous deaths by accident, the disruption of emergency services, flooding, and freezing to death (particularly of the homeless and elderly).  The current activities of this group is, at-present, unknown to Emerald Shield, but we still broadcast the demand that they desist from further manipulation of our weather and focus their powers on more level-headed pursuits or simply attend counseling.

In the meantime, members of Emerald Shield and our allies should realise that a feedback loop is in effect. Firstly, opt out of the feedback loop by ignoring these weather patterns (while taking reasonable precautions) and refusing to engage in rush-buying or catastrophizing (conversation about the weather patterns). Secondly, cast your own magical spells to calm any weather patterns that come to strike Ireland or your country/region. Know that what you resist, persists, and that batteries and streams of energy simply require recognition and redirection. In other words, don’t fight fire with fire. Don’t try to stop or deny these vast currents of energy. Instead, harness the energy within them and perform your own magic with that energy. Anyone familiar with Wing Chun Kung Fu will understand this message the best. Also recognise that the weather is an “element”, is a spirit, and also requires recognition. Take this as an opportunity to build your relationship with it.


————— END COMMUNIQUE —————

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