April Supermoon – Distinguishing Ourselves

April 8th at 3:36AM (Ireland/GMT) will be the peak moment of this year’s biggest Supermoon. An interesting time for most on Earth in the midst of a pandemic scare and mass government lockdowns.

As I wrote in the New Moon in Aries horoscopes two weeks ago, many of us have been on a mostly inward journey to rediscover ourselves outside of the chaos that Saturn in Capricorn has brought to our lives until recently – beautifully (however tragically) reflected in the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and the resulting lockdown of our social lives and commerce. A vast portion of the planet’s inhabitants have had their lives disrupted, either causing us to endlessly fret over the loss of financial stability or the prospect of mass death entering their lives. What this also opened a door to is the liberation of our minds from the same thing we’ve been doing for years, perhaps decades, both as individuals and a species. It’s forced the world to stop and reflect, with many finding the time to ask themselves what they want to keep in their lives once this all blows over.

As I write this, the true fruits of that transition are about to ripen with the completion of the Full Moon in Libra. The ambitious New Moon in Aries has called us to find something different and start the journey toward attaining it, leading to these next few days where Libra will help us balance out the aspects which do or do not belong.

April 5th featured a conjunction between Pluto and Jupiter I’d have overlooked if not for my colleague Brandon Kersey pointing out its effects on a growing number of people – the awareness and questioning of secret agendas in governments and corporations concerning the current viral pandemic and the mass deployment of 5G internet – resulting in people taking the law into their own hands in countries such as Britain and China, pulling or burning down 5G masts. Jupiter also gave the media/government/corporations an opportunity to amplify their Plutonian secrets by reporting on these people as “nutcases” and calling for mass censorship online. The war for freedoms and self-determination is well underway.

But where do you fit into all of this? The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is still in effect during this Supermoon, and it’s forming a T-square with the Sun and Moon – meaning it’s right in the middle of these two powerful luminaries trying to separate themselves. The message of tonight’s Astrology is clear – we have to distinguish ourselves from what’s unfolding in the world. We need to stop worrying about a killer virus, 5G, the economy, [insert worry here], and let the realisation of who we are outside of all this be downloaded into our consciousness. I’m not telling you to ignore dangers in the hopes they’ll stop happening – I’m pointing out that this is the time where we can learn what makes us unique and strong, so we’ll be ready when the fight finally comes to us.

For the first time in generations, the game has gotten serious, with Saturn having begun his world-building journey through Aquarius. As Madonna sung in last year’s ominous song (Future), “Not everyone is coming to the future”. We have rough years ahead. Many of us aren’t able or willing to evolve – some of us are, but many of us are on the fence. Be brave, look at the Shadow (that one thing you don’t want to see in yourself), and you’ll find that inner compass to guide you through our Brave New World.

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