Saturn Comes Back Around

For fans of the band Tool, yes this is a reference to their song “The Grudge.” These musical magicians are opening a window for us to one of the many ways Saturn effects our lives – the end of the cycle, when Father Time “comes back around” to demolish false constructs. I’m writing this today because (as of December 2017) Saturn has “come back around” to His home sign of Capricorn, heralding an end of a 30 year cycle. What does that mean for you and the world at large?

Who is Saturn?

All the luminaries (Planets, the Sun, the Moon, and Comets) represent aspects of Human Consciousness – for example, the Sun represents outward personality (our “Star Sign”), Venus represents relationships, Mercury represents communication, movement, and wealth etc.

Saturn Himself represents the most profound and inescapable aspects of life – time, death, structure/limitation, laws, prohibition. The archetype can either be a repressive one which smothers freedom and individuality or it can be nurturing and liberating. It all comes down to our relationship with it, whether we’re allowing it to work in our lives.

In Western society today we’re mostly in rebellion against Saturn. We feel time, death, and limitation are insults to our freedom. Some people even go as far to equate Saturn with Satan – they see Him literally as “the Adversary” and completely evil. This unhealthy relationship has been the cause of so much personal and social fallout as many of us refuse to grow up, never develop a deep relationship with time, deny death, and resent any structure or law which doesn’t suit us personally in the moment. We’re unhealthily individualistic, causing our relationships, families, economies, and governments to fail. Despite our assumptions, the embracing of these Saturnian principals actually gives us the security and freedom we desire.

When the free-flowing Feminine spirit meets the hard boundaries of the Masculine it has form to build something within. It’s protected from the chaos outside of the boundary as much as it’s imprisoned within it. Without that boundary, spirit will forever aimlessly spread out into the cosmos – spreading itself too thin, as it were – and more isolated – ultimately to be eaten up by stronger forces which do have boundaries and structure. The universe is a violent place full of beings and systems, feeding off of other beings and systems for their own growth. We need Saturn’s guidance and protection.

Who is Saturn to Me?

For your own enlightenment, calculate when your Saturn Return occurs – we’ll cover this later.

Each luminary makes its way through the zodiacal wheel, telling the story of its archetype in a person’s life from beginning, to challenges, to flourishing, to more challenges, to achievement, and ultimately the end. Life is cycles within cycles. We recognise that as we culturally celebrate our “Solar Return” – what we call our Birthday. We gather with loved ones, celebrate, and reflect upon the year that passed. We don’t, however, do this for other planetary returns. For most of us, these come and go, and we’re none the wiser. Events happen in our lives and in our consciousness, and we attribute no particular order to them. The Saturn Return (when the planet enters the sign and degree He was in at our birth) is probably the most significant as it signifies the end of a cycle involving our understanding of the world and our place in it.

This event generally occurs every 28 to 31 years, giving us an ultimatum: throw out the old toys, test your assumptions, and be ready to have a fresh new perspective handed to you. You have roughly 3 decades to build your web of ideas, ideals, associations, and social life – then Saturn will come back around and ask you to step back from the canvas and ask “what works?” Depending on how much of a good boy or girl you’ve been all that time, it may be easy or difficult to be that honest with yourself and find the courage to walk away from the old beliefs and patterns which built your now-former life. Surrendering completely to this process is the ideal, as Saturn will “lift you up like a child” on His shoulders to give you an exciting panoramic vision – but to avoid the issue, to live in denial that the jig is up, He will “drag you down like a stone.” The Alchemical process of the universe is always trending toward completion and greater majesty, so it is always cleaning house and getting rid of what doesn’t work. If you get in the way of that cleaning process, you’ll find yourself in the bin as well. A saddening but great example of this is “The 27 Club”, a name given to an exhaustive list of musicians and actors who died at the age of 27. Surrounded by such negative influences, being worked to death and having drug abuse inflicted upon them, they were unable to make the last stint of their Saturnian transformations into fully grown adults.

Fun Fact: the Prefrontal Cortex in Humans (responsible for conscious decision-making) is not completely developed until between the ages of 26 and 28.

Saturn comes back around. Lifts you up like a child
Or drags you down like a stone to
Consume you till you choose to let this go.
Choose to let this go.

“The Grudge”, by Tool, from the album Lateralus

In the course of a Saturnian Cycle we can easily collect grudges – either legitimate or imagined – and allow them to dictate our thoughts and actions. We may have been hurt by people, hurt by institutions, or hold a general hostility with the world for serving us a shit sandwich. Although it helps to know what we don’t want in our lives, we can develop an unhealthy obsession (known as a grudge) with who/what hurt us. We define ourselves by these grudges and inevitably find the same experiences repeat in our lives again and again – either because we believe it’s what we deserve or we distort situations in our minds to replay the trauma.

Wear the grudge like a crown of negativity.
Calculate what we will or will not tolerate.
Desperate to control all and everything.
Unable to forgive your scarlet lettermen.

Wear the grudge like a crown. Desperate to control.
Unable to forgive. And sinking deeper

– “The Grudge” by Tool

Too many of us are stuck in regret and resentment. For some people it becomes a lifestyle wherein they’re completely oblivious to their constant complaints and their misrepresentations of situations and people in their lives. This outward criticism and projection requires so much focus and energy that we cannot possibly evaluate ourselves honestly – a rot sets in. Over time, aspects of the personality calcify and old habits don’t give way to growth. We become frozen in time, while still aging in an ever-changing world. The contrast between the outmoded personality and the world sharpens, forcing us deeper into denial.

The mentally “healthy” man and woman is not exempt from this process. Most of us have a higher calling in life and should discover it by our first Saturn Return, but the internal and social pressures are often too much. Instead of yielding to universal Will and walking one’s own path, most just double-down on fulfilling social expectations. The result of this is often called “The Midlife Crisis” which is generally said to kick in on the first half of our second Saturnian Cycle (45 years of age). The individual, completely conned out of his or her youth, rebels against a selection of social standards in a misguided attempt at liberation. This behaviour is rapidly becoming accepted. Rapidly becoming the norm.

Give away the stone. Let the oceans take and
Transmutate this cold and fated anchor.
Give away the stone. Let the waters kiss and
Transmutate these leaden grudges into gold.
Let go.

“The Grudge” by Tool

In Alchemical terms, our experiences and thoughts are the crude materials that we’ll transmute into gold – how we achieve transcendence. Saturn’s lessons aren’t without compassion. He’s not asking you to forget or downplay your pain and frustration, but instead transmute it. To be more precise, allow it to be transmuted. By learning to surrender our pasts and hurts we take our first step toward healing and a required step before The Alchemical Wedding – The Alchemical “Divorce.” Distancing yourself from your persona in order to find yourself again and returning to that persona with a broader life perspective. This process involves a lot of pain as we objectively review our behaviour and realise that as much as we’ve been hurting, we have also hurt others. As much as we were misunderstood, we have misunderstood others. Whether we are guilty of these things or not, it’s completely healthy and a sign of spiritual strength to review oneself in this way.

The foundation of all mental illness is the unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering.

Carl Justav Jung, Psychologist and Mystic

In a world of individuals who increasingly avoid the cycles in initiation throughout life, institutions and industries grow bigger in order to cater for and distract those of us who are afraid to face themselves. All manners of entertainment, drugs, and political scapegoats are provided to us by this system. Our economies and governments slowly become our drug dealers of denial.

Who is Saturn to Society?

In the same way Saturn’s Return to His position in your birthchart spells an end, Saturn’s transit into the sign of Capricorn also spells an end. As of December 2017 the clock has been ticking for Western society as we will collectively make a decision on whether to own our shit and overhaul our power structure, or if we’re going to leave that to the politicians, industrialists, and economists to figure out. In the past 100 years of Saturn entering Capricorn, world government has taken those opportunities to clamp down even further on opposing systems. It’s basically a Saturn Return for the entire planet, and like the personal Return it’s not a guarantee of planetary liberation like many Astrologers suggest. This can go either way – transmutation or further into denial and self-destruction. Now more than ever your metaphysical vote counts and you cast it by developing your own connection to spirit. Like other Tarot readers and Astrologers, I can help you with that for a reasonable service fee via this website.

If the world decides to go on ignoring the Saturnian principal, don’t lose hope. Don’t let it crush you. Evil may persist for quite some time and the universal force will allow it to carry on for the sake of Free Will – but Evil constructs faulty systems which are top-heavy and ultimately meaningless. From this day forward, all it takes is one subtle cosmic wind to come by and the whole thing is destined to come crashing down.

Saturn comes back around to show you everything
Let’s you choose what you will, will not see and then
Drags you down like a stone or lifts you up again
Spits you out like a child, light and innocent.

“The Grudge” by Tool

Charge Your Crystals This Full Moon

Crystals are the world’s greatest secret in plain sight. Used by society and industry today to power our computers and personal devices, and yet we are largely unaware of their other properties, powers, and potentials. Being so powerful, proper care is required.

Occasionally you will want to cleanse, charge, and program your crystals – remove unwanted energy from them, re-energize them, and install and intention or frequency into them. This isn’t necessary each Lunar Month, although I tend to do this for the enjoyment and ritual of it.


For this stage you need a clear glass or plastic bowl (preferably glass) big enough to fit at least a few crystals without it being cramped. Fill with water – the purer the better – and add a tablespoon of salt per litre. The fresh water and salt acts on crystals like it acts on us: a disinfectant, physically and energetically.

Before placing your crystals in the water be sure that they and the water are at roughly the same temperature. Like us, they’re conscious and living creatures who can experience shock, and ultimately, trauma. Traumatizing a crystal can either kill it or insult it, making it useless or causing it to leave you.

Caution: do not place any type of selenite or other soft crystals in water as they’ll become damaged and destroyed.

Caution: do not simply drop your crystals into the bowl.

Some people like to pray or set a positive intention for this action as they place each crystal in the bowl. Depending on what mood I’m in I may remember do to do so. My experiences have taught me that the more care and the more deliberately I handle the crystals in this process, the more powerful they come out the other end.

Cleansing Selenite, Soft Crystals, and Bigger Crystals

As some crystals don’t belong in water and some won’t fit in a bowl, another method of cleansing is required and advised before charging and programming. You can do this by “smudging” them with with white sage, dragon’s blood, or another cleansing medium.

If you don’t have any of these tools on-hand, you can hold your crystals and ask whatever higher power you work with to cleanse them for you. Or, if you’re competent and confident enough, use your own powers of feeling or visualization!


There is a handy table at the bottom of this article listing the dates of Full Moons over Britain and Ireland. Dates will vary depending on your position on the Earth, so adjust accordingly.

This part is simple, because you’re not involved. On the day before, of, or after, the Full Moon, place your bowl(s) of crystals in the most opportune place to catch the Moonlight for as long as possible over night.

Leave them for 2 to 5 hours, or all night. Crystals won’t be damaged by Moonlight, so if you can’t retrieve them during the night or they’re in serious need, don’t fear to leave them.

Why Charge by Moonlight?

Light is power – a form of energy and consciousness. Some crystals (like amethyst) cannot withstand direct Sunlight, so for this and other reasons we choose to charge by the Moon.

The Moon, physically and symbolically, represents Feminine energy – emotional, intuitive, and unconscious. Crystals operate on this frequency, so they should be charged with that comparative energy. The Full Moon is selected for it’s peak power. More can be learned about Lunar phases elsewhere online.


Crystals can be installed with instructions, frequencies, or information. That’s their ability and purpose. If a crystal is not programmed, it will be programmed either by an aware individual or the environment it’s in.

There is no absolute correct way of doing this, except that you need to make an energetic connection with both the frequency you which to program and the crystal itself. Take the crystals out of the bowl, one after the other, and while holding them set your intention for them. Crystals can be programmed to do anything, but they’re at their most powerful when programmed with tasks that closer resemble the properties of the crystal’s type. You can learn about your individual crystals by picking up a copy of the brilliant “Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall and reading at Crystal Vaults.

Full Moons

For Full Moon dates and everything-Moon, check out and bookmark Lunarium’s Universal Lunar Calendar as these are only accurate for Britain and Ireland.


 Full Moon Date (2018)
 March 31st
 April 30th
 May 29th
 June 28th
 July 27th
 August 26th
 September 25th
 October 24th
 November 23rd
 December 22nd