Magically Surviving Coronavirus

It seems impossible to not talk about the current pandemic in one way or another – and this right here is the first problem. We, the ordinary folk, are put at a disadvantage by a mixture of media hysteria and widespread death, constantly drawing our consciousness toward fear and powerlessness. Let’s flip that script for ourselves and our loved ones.

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On Hearing Others and Compassion

It might not help persuade you to read this, yet another blog post on the Internet, but it’s important that I say I’m no expert – so I won’t write as if I have it all figured out. What I do know is that we all need to be heard.

I struggle with a little bit of everything – anxiety, social paranoia, depression, obsessive-compulsive, lack of focus, and listlessness. Not by a whole lot and not on most days, but enough for life to stay interesting and disorganised. Ironically, the more I learned this about myself the less of a victim I feel, as I’m also learning that I’m not alone. Most of us seem to be struggling to varying degrees at different points in life, even though we may have mastered the art of not letting people see it. At least in my own mind, I’m an ally of those who also struggle, and am always ready to lend a hand when one of you reveal this side of yourselves. Continue reading “On Hearing Others and Compassion”

The Problem With Prophecy and Astrology – Buyer Beware

The sky is a grand screen – the original smart phone of our earliest ancestors. An oracular device. On one side, projected onto by the stars, and on the other, projected onto by man. Doubts on whether the two are intimately related was never in question until modernity darkened that lens. The nature of that relationship, however, has always been mused upon. Continue reading “The Problem With Prophecy and Astrology – Buyer Beware”