Coronavirus and Saturn

The world is about to make a dramatic shift, reflected in the movements of Saturn since December of 2017. The next months and years will present both challenges and opportunities to us as individuals and a species. Understanding how this all works will put you in a position to make the most of this tumultuous time.

Quick note: this might seem like me taking advantage of the virus hype, but the truth is that if I wanted to cash in I’d be telling you it’s going to be all rainbows and unicorns – well, it won’t. Alternatively, I could make big bucks telling you it will all be doom and gloom – it won’t be that either. Things like balance and personal responsibility aren’t big sellers these days.

In 2019 I wrote of illness and death featuring prominently in many Western lives. As Saturn (restrictions, time, and boundaries) came closer to aligning with Pluto (secrets and power) many of us had to face harsh truths about the way we live. Some of us, like myself, came close to not making the cut, manifesting in ill health and increased mental challenges. Others amoung us straight up died because they either couldn’t take the heat of a rapidly changing world or they had completed their soul mission for this lifetime. Ultimately, we were being tested, and some of us weren’t prepared to live in the world we’re about to inherit in the coming months.

For the past year I’ve been writing about the (now passed) Saturn-Pluto conjunction, warning of World War III and economic collapse. When January 12th came and passed without incident, I doubted my own knowledge of Astrology. Little did I know, the Chinese Communist Party was in the process of hiding the truth behind an extremely virulent virus. As a result, I downplayed the banking crash of November 2019, and the predicted wet and cold Spring which would cause food supply shortages as “just another crisis that will be overcome.” However, these three factors are currently coalescing into a perfect storm which will change our lives forever.

An avid student of Astrology will know the Zodiac is a story of birth, growth, and death – and for Saturn, this story begins in Aquarius and ends in Capricorn. December of 2017 spelled the end of this current cycle, urging many of us to reorder our lives and forcing a shake-up of the highest corridors of power. In these three years we have seen: social movements gain a foothold in the West; paedophile and human trafficking networks exposed further; the crumbling of the EU; the crumbling of the North American Union; the rapid transfer of economic power from the West to China and Asia; the speeding up of home repossessions and transfer of mortgages to vulture funds; the rise of European nationalist parties and the election of many Nationalist MEPs to the EU Parliament; the exposure of NGOs and “philanthropists” like George Soros and “the Koch Brothers” interfering with Democratic governments; the exposure of firms like Cambridge Analytica harvesting personal data to sway voters for the highest bidder; the reboot and rise of the MeToo movement, exposing sexual predation in the entertainment industry. Not all of this shake-up has been positive – it was just merely a shake-up and a reordering. The spoils went to those who were aware of this coming shift and made their moves to power. But none of these power players have escaped unscathed. Take a look around – the Radical Feminists who abused MeToo have been vilified, Trump has been exposed as just another Globalist pawn, every single British government involved in Brexit are hated by both sides of the argument – the place is a mess. Nobody is actually in control anymore.

This is about to change – and fast.

Saturn in Aquarius

March 22nd 2020, at 1:17am GMT, Saturn will transit into Aquarius to begin a new cycle. Capricorn was about breaking down what was stagnant and had no life, and now Aquarius is a 3 year cycle of finding novel solutions to restructure our lives and a “New World Order” as-it-were. No offense to any Sun Sign Aquarius readers out there, but this sign is seen as very rude and restrictive – if Asperger’s Syndrome (now known as Autism Spectrum Disorder) had a Zodiac sign, Aquarius would be it. Very unemotional, overly practical, overly idealistic, and not much interested in traditional methods. While Saturn’s sign of Capricorn wants to lock us down in reality to the point of oppression so we can evolve beyond it, Aquarius is the other face of Saturn that wants to pick up the pieces and assemble them in whichever way works best. The pragmatist to a fault.

Anyone paying attention knows that this whole Western civilization thing hasn’t been working out for a growing majority of people – the environment is fucked, taxes keep climbing, people are losing their homes, healthcare systems are failing, marginalised groups aren’t being included (outside of token “Social Justice” ploys by corporations and governments), mental health is sharply declining, war and mass migration is destroying indigenous populations, we’re becoming increasingly isolated from each other, technology has been creeping into our private lives and our bodies, ancient and alternative understandings of health have been maligned – something had to give. There’s only so high you can build a rotten structure before it collapses under its own weight. Enter, financial collapse. Enter, global food shortages due to a wet and cold Spring, and eroding topsoil. Enter, Coronavirus. All heralded by Saturn and Pluto aligning in mid-January, striking a final blow to the status quo.

As this new variant of Coronavirus escaped the confines of China and reached all but a couple of countries on the Earth, all hell broke loose, beginning a breakdown in the pretense of civil society. Millions of people are panic-buying basic necessities, leaving the most vulnerable without their daily purchases. Prisoners are rioting, sometimes setting fire to their prisons, sometimes escaping in large numbers. Police departments in America openly informed the public they will withdraw forces and won’t arrest for “non-violent crimes”, giving looters and criminals a green light. Europe, America, and countless other countries are gripped in fear. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE is the resounding demand from many, and our governments have happily listened, bringing in draconian “emergency measures/legislation/powers” – essentially declaring martial law. Health Ministers and other heads of state are now empowered to lock millions in their homes, outlaw public gatherings and events as they see fit, restrict people’s movement from place to place without “papers”, and detain individuals suspected of being infectious. Many applaud the radical changes and suggestions of not shaking hands or standing too close to each other, as important measures to maintain public health, but the rest of us are also aware of the horrific damage this is doing to our friendly societies and personal liberties.

Whether you’re worried about you and your loved ones contracting a deadly sickness, the loss of your liberties, or both, it would be a terrible waste to overlook the multitude of silver linings. Like I said, something had to give. Were you happy at work with your boss breathing down your shoulder? Well, now you work for home or you’re on emergency dole. Sure, it’s not perfect. Your lifestyle, and possibly your very housing security, has probably taken a critical hit, but how real was all of that anyway? Weren’t you getting used to the same stagnant routine for years now? How much time were you giving to what truly matters – family, love, health, your true desires for life? Statistically, you’re very likely to have been neglecting those things in pursuit of something you thought was your own idea, when really it was just an amalgamation of social pressures and compromises you’ve been making since you left school and entered “adult life.” Haven’t you heard? The sediment in the canals of Venice, usually always stirred up by the frequent gondolas, has settled on the floor revealing a crystal clear water, now populated by dolphins. Boars and their offspring roam the streets. Locked-down urban areas are silent, and now filled with the sweet chorus of bird song – something most people have never actually heard in its full majesty, and which I can only remember from my early childhood living in a forested area. Pretty soon, the vast majority of air travel will cease, leaving the skies unmolested by contrails, so for the first time in their lives, Millennials will see what real clouds look like.

As Saturn prepares to make new arrangements for society, it’s our opportunity to play our part. The world will stand still, you will have to learn how to make-do with a whole lot less, you will have to ask your parents and grandparents how they dealt with adversity in their times, and an oppressive government will restrict your movement and contact with others. This last point is very important. Ask yourself: what does this mean to me? Suddenly, people are afraid to shake your hand. People are standing two meters or more away from you. You can’t meet your friends for coffee, a drink, or any other social activity – damn, even sensual contact and sex is off the table (if you’re behaving yourself)! We are contrarian beings – tell us to not do something and we’ll begin to wonder why not, even if we didn’t even think about it before. In the moment where it seems as though everything will be taken from us forever, we’re free to evaluate what it all means to us. A collective Near-Death Experience, if you will.

The following months will not be a cake-walk for the vast majority of mankind. In a strange synchronicity of balance between the Feminine and Masculine, Saturn’s transit into Capricorn featured a conjunction between Pluto and the Moon, while Saturn’s transit into Aquarius on Saturday/Sunday will feature and conjunction between Pluto and Mars. These past 3 years have been a passive absorption of the situation we’re in – a receptivity to the challenges we face as a society, and an amplification of concern for these challenges. But starting this week, and over the next 3 years, is a proactive energy to use the dark secrets we’ve all been learning about – for good AND for bad.

Will we wake up 3 years from now in a world of possibilities and freedom or will we wake up to a living nightmare? THAT’S ON YOU!

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