Earth’s Mini-Moon, Brexit, & Trump

Astrology is a science of synchronicity reflecting our unfolding development as a species, sometimes manifesting in the discovery of planets and objects reflecting those shifts. Kamo’oalewa is no exception.

In April of 2016, an asteroid in the Sun’s and Earth’s orbit was discovered, designated as 469219, and named Kamo’oalewa in the Hawaiian language. The name derived from a chant about the local Creation myth (please correct me if I’m wrong?) and is plainly translated to “Oscillating Fragment” – named so because of how it appears to move from Earth’s vantage point. It revolves around us in an ecliptic fashion, wavering up and down and around us, almost like a multidimensional figure-8.

The Evolutionary Astrologer, David Yarrow Wood, suggests “while Earth’s true Moon represents one’s general self-identity, Kamo’oalewa is a piece of our identity that fluctuates in and out of our experience of self. Like a costume, eventually this piece of our character could take its leave of us, and yet it has its place in revealing something we would not have otherwise known about ourselves.” [link] I’ve yet to sit down and mull over my own 29º Libra Kamo’oalewa placement or how She interacts with Astrology in general, but a brief glimpse at my own chart and employing symbolic free-association, David’s assessment strikes me as intuitively correct to a large extent. She’s relatively new to Earth’s orbit, is absent most of the time and swoops by occasionally – much like these mostly-absent parts of ourselves that occasionally visit us (which David mentions in his article in a personal context). What else can we infer from Her character and discovery?

Synchronicity of New Planets

Modern Astrologers often hold the synchronicity view of astronomical discoveries – seeing the planets and other objects as ultimately representing the things their age heralded.

  • [Asteroid] Chiron, discovered in 1977, came to be known as “The Wounded Healer” as per the mythology, reflecting the development of new healing modalities and psychological approaches of “the Hippie Era.”
  • Pluto, discovered in 1930, came to be known as the “Lord of the Underworld” as per the mythology, reflecting the new world of secrecy we saw grip most of the world in the wake of Communism, Nazism, and the Cold War.
  • Uranus, discovered in 1781, came to be known as the planet of expansion and technology (Uranus in mythology being “God of the Sky” connected to the Milky Way). This century saw the invention of the steam engine, lightning rod, and telegraph. Inventions came even faster after Uranus’ discovery – the parachute, self-winding clock, batter, paper, hot air balloon, gas lighting (not the psychological kind 😛 ), steam boat, the first ambulance, and BALL BEARINGS (people don’t appreciate how important these things are!). Mostly very Uranian things – help people get around and help people expand/mass-produce.

So what does this mean for Kamo’oalewa?

She was discovered, April 2016 –

  • 11 months after the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party (under David Cameron) made good on their promise to trigger the infamous referendum known colloquially as “Brexit,” and 2.5 months before Britons took to the polls and voted “Yes” by a 3.78% margin.
  • 10 months before Donald Trump launched his campaign to compete in the Primaries and eventually run for United States President, and 7 months before the world was shocked by his election.
  • 13 months before ISIS/ISIL destroy ancient cities and absorb neighbouring militias like Boko Haram, unleashing an even crueler extreme Islam on a large portion of the Mid. East.
  • A year after the Internet becomes conscious of “Meme Magic” and uses it the following year to rhetorically defeat their Globalist and Neo-Liberal enemies.
  • A month before Harambe, the gorilla, is shot dead ostensibly to save a toddler, causing identitarian outrage… for some reason.
  • 2016 was the year of consistent terrorist attacks, mainly by Muslim extremists – or at least we got tired of paying attention to them when Brexit and Trump happened.
  • 4 months before The Maldives leaves the Common Wealth.

Of course countless other things happened in those two years, but the facts remain: they’re all events of great magnitude and the world’s consciousness was fixated upon them. But what ties them all together? Conflicts between collectivism and autonomy? Could this frequent visiting asteroid, for a great many people and nations (because tribes have birth charts, too), trigger the question of autonomy and identity?

I’ll certainly expand upon this idea in later posts.

Brexit and Kamo’oalewa

In the Brexit chart, which I cast for 23rd of June, 7am British Summer Time, 2016, London (when the polls opened), Kamo’oalewa was at 1º Libra, which is conjunct the IC by 0º 20′. When a planet or point finds its home on the IC it usually means this energy is directed inward toward family and heritage. It lies in the 3rd House side of the IC, the House of Communication and Siblings (amoung other related things). It’s usually associated with Mercury, the planet we get the word “Mercurial” from – being fluidic/graceful in movement and action, much like communication and money (currency = current-sea). We could interpret this either or both as Britain taking a step toward material concerns or questioning “who is my brother and who is not?” If we consider my interpretation of Kamo’oalewa as the infrequent visiting renegade, perhaps the referendum and its result was an honest answer to the question of who to stick with. Maybe I’m wrong with this as my interpretation would be better suited to the 7th House of Marriage and collective funds or the 11th House of Community, but the European Union simply doesn’t want community or partnership, it wants to dissolve all its member states into one. Brexit’s Sun is in a square with Kamo’oalewa from the 12th House (of the unconscious), pointing toward the divide we’ve seen between the UK’s outward nature and its contemplations of freedom.
The United Kingdom’s birth chart (1/1/1801, London) has Kamo’oalewa at 1º Libra with Brexit’s Uranus opposing it by just over 1º (applying). I have no idea what this might actually mean for our renegade moon, but Uranus tends to inflict anything He opposes with unexpected expansions and surprises. Perhaps anything Britain undertakes in this period will be tested by many variables unseen, at least by the electorate. Due to Uranus’ slow movement and His retrograde (traveling backward) for a few months in 2016/2017, he only really hit a full opposition in April 26th of 2017, a few weeks after PM Theresa May requested an extension on the divorce date. There was then an EU summit on the 29th of that month to discuss the issue.

I’ll surely expand on our renegade moon and Brexit at a later time.

2016 US Elections and Kamo-oalewa

In the US chart of The Declaration of Independence Kamo-oalewa sextiles the Sun and Quintiles Mercury, which is interesting in itself, but She sits as 13 degrees Taurus. When we look at the 2016 election chart (8th November 2016, 6:48am Local, Philadelphia PA) we see Kamo-oalewa is in a trine to the US chart’s by a 2 degree orb and the Sun is opposing Her at a 3 degree orb, trine Pluto by 4 degree orb, and sextile Neptune by 2 degree orb. A very intense mixture of energies with our mini moon being faced down by the public image of the Sun, yet in harmony with the transiting mini moon Herself. The opposition by the Sun is alleviated by Her sextile to Neptune the election’s Neptune, who himself is in a trine to the Sun, opening the gateway to the world’s preconceptions of the United States. At the time of the election, Pluto was involved in a Grand Square involving Jupiter and Uranus, causing a lot of upset for authorities – the US’s Kamo-oalewa had special privileges with Pluto at that time, helping the country unearth some rotten and entrenched people and situations.

I’m sure a much more indepth reading of both the US elections and Brexit can be done in regard to our new mini moon, but I’ll leave that for another time in the hopes that this suffices to give credence to my theory of her meaning. I also look forward to input and debate from astrologers more seasoned than myself.

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