Happy New Celtic (Astrological) Year! We kick this New Year off with Saturn changing signs (March 22nd) and, as always, a New Moon in Aries. Aries is the sign of ambition and willpower which kicks off Spring, offering nature and we humans a chance to start again.

This is a big one, folks, as it comes right after Saturn finishing His punishing 3-year journey through Capricorn and coming into the innovative Aquarius. Reflect back on your experiences since December 2016 for lessons learned – we’ve all been having to confront home truths about our lives in this time period, as Saturn’s job as teacher and cosmic policeman was in overdrive, purging the world and us of the ideas and systems which no longer served their purpose. You may feel broken or lost by the experience, but this is now your time to find new ways of living and being. The past 29 years, in fact, can now be laid to rest.

Take this Tuesday to tune into the supportive energies of what we call a “Minor Grand Trine” forming with Neptune in Pisces lending His supportive imagination and insight to Venus in the nurturing sign of Taurus, who is in direct communication with Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto, all conjuncting in Capricorn. What would normally be a very serious conversation about practicalities and and life direction is made lighter by Neptune’s intervention. There is currently a lot of fear and uncertainty going around due to the Wuhan Flu and our economy being put on ice, but most of us are locked inside our homes with the opportunity to stop, think, and FEEL. A portal is being opened for us to find new ways to live, to serve others, and to provide for ourselves.

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