In Defense of Anger and Hate – Dispelling New Age Myths #4

In its religious rigidity, the New Age has cast anger, hate, and other so-called “negative emotions” down to the pit of Hell and admonishes people for feeling them – promising punishment for indulging in them. This is the defining characteristic of the New Age being just another religion with a restrictive, anti-Human set of demands, and an inflexible Good-Evil/God-Satan dichotomy. It ignores the implication of the wisdom that emotion is simply “e-motion – energy in motion”. A process. By damming up that process, irrevocable harm follows.

Anger is an energy

– John Lydon (Johnny Rotten)

First, let us inspect the constructive roots of this misunderstanding – why the New Age warns against anger, for example. When somebody goes into a rage they’re liable to become tunnel-visioned and selfish, causing terror and havoc for those around them, and usually causing themselves compounding grief. This process usually ends up in a bitter cycle of accumulating anger, which turns into victimhood, which turns into hate. The New Agers are correct to want to avoid this process, but this assumes that all expressions of anger, all feelings of victimization, and all feelings of hate come from the same place. It denies their legitimacy, even though that energy exists whether they want to acknowledge it or not. Ultimately it leads to another misconception within the New Age – that the ideal state is a homeostasis of happiness, constructive thoughts, and bliss. When you polarize one area of Being, you inevitably polarize the other.

Mystic and researcher, Michael Tsarion, described Anger in a way which liberated me upon hearing it. He explained that you can separate Anger into two categories: the red flame Anger and the blue flame Anger. Like fire (think cigarette lighters), a red flame is random, careless, selfish, and lacks an objective – it just is and it’s demanding something from the world which it feels it has been deprived. The blue flame of anger on the other hand is like that from a blowtorch or a jet lighter. It is refined, condensed and thus strong, and purposeful. Like John Lydon of the Sex Pistols said, “Anger is an energy”, and it is a beautiful energy that accomplishes things in the world. At its root it is innocent and pure – a response to an injustice, real or perceived. It’s the anger of the female tiger or bear which will do anything to protect its young. The blue and the red distinction isn’t a difference in the Anger itself, but how the conscious Human Being chooses to express it. There is no “bad anger”, just a bad person or someone currently unable to channel that emotion “correctly.” To attack that emotion completely or dismiss it as simply something we need to pass through and “get over” is a huge insult to the Sovereign Being who’s experiencing it. Like any other emotion, when it’s repressed or blocked, it causes problems in the mind and body.

The expression of Anger is an art – admittedly one I’m not very well practiced in. As I’ve grown up to witness Anger being misused and never had anyone to instruct me on how to use it properly, I fell victim to the religious and phony spiritualism that teaches us to suppress it. I decided for the sake of myself and those around me that it’s best to suppress the emotion altogether – more specifically, to suppress the experiences and beliefs I carried about myself which made me Angry in the first place; to avoid situations and people that would make me Angry. I shut off an entire region of my Being because I was taught it was bad and was never told it could be expressed any differently. Of course this didn’t work as it took its toll on my mind and body, and I would inevitably meet circumstances and people that drew the emotion out of me. As I never put time and effort into sharpening this instrument, it would express itself as that anarchic red flame and work against my best intentions. The embarrassment of “not being Buddha enough” only served to convince me that I needed a thicker steel door and a tighter lock. The problem with this philosophy is that emotions aren’t actually divided into separate categories like “anger”, “love”, “hate”, “compassion” – they’re not distinguishable to that degree, so my hermetically sealing off what I call “Anger” necessitated my sealing off what I also call “love” and “compassion.” This is not a good route to go down in life.

Without Anger and even Hate, we go nowhere as individuals and as a society. We become stuck and unable to do things. We end up in a cycle of being frozen and blaming ourselves for that emotional freeze, feeding back into a loop. We become jaded and unwilling to stand up for ourselves or our principals. Our sick society has come to know this as being mature, well-adjusted, and fair. As we’re unwilling to experience the Anger resultant of wrongs done to us in the past, we become unwilling to experience the Anger resulting from wrongs done to us right now. We also refuse to experience the Anger and Hate required to put right the social injustices we see, and leave that up to someone else or take the ultra-libertarian stance of “do what you will, just don’t disrupt my slice of comfort in the world.” The result of this disconnect is worthy of a book all to itself – it’s decimated the Western soul to the point that we’re unwilling to fight for our culture and our basic Human Rights. We continue to concede ground as the patch we’re left to stand on gets smaller and smaller. Everyone outside of America and Europe can see this, but we’re completely blind to it.

So the next time you feel Anger well up inside you, make friends with it. It’s arrived to tell you about yourself, so listen well, no matter how difficult the message might be. Learn to channel that energy into a unique form of Self-love where you grab life by the balls and declare that you’re worthy of defending. The New Age says that only bad things can come from Anger, but when done correctly, the Universe will actually reward you for expressing it in a creative way. It will reward you because this isn’t just YOUR Anger you’re feeling, it’s the Anger of your ancestors – feeling that or not feeling it means the liberation or enslavement of your descendants.

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