Jupiter Trine Chiron – Learning, Expanding, Shedding

October 28th to November 5th as both Jupiter and Chiron are on the last degrees of Scorpio and Pisces (respectively) they form a perfect trine, opening a special window of expansion.

For this aspect I have drawn The Hermit card, which doesn’t necessarily mean being reclusive. In relation to this Astrological event it’s directing our attention towards our inner hermitage – the place where we find, build, and share our knowledge. The friendly meeting of Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio gives us opportunity to leave behind burdensome preconceptions and open up to the perspectives of others. It’s also paradoxically a time to share the results of our own life experiences – the new perspective the last few days has given us.

This is a general reading of the stars as they are today. To really get the best out of this knowledge you should know your Birth Chart and how it relates to current events.
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It’s quite convenient that this transit occurs around OĆ­che Shamhna/Halloween/All Soul’s Day, as the veil is the thinnest between our world and the Otherworld, allowing our ancestors, our guides, and the Gods, to relay important messages and forgotten knowledge to the living. Try lighting a candle for those who have come before and remain quiet to hear their guidance.

To follow up from this introspective period, a perfect Sun-Neptune trine on November 6th offers a softening of our hearts toward others – perfect as we head into the depths of Winter, a season that calls us to live in our hearts.

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