Magically Surviving Coronavirus

It seems impossible to not talk about the current pandemic in one way or another – and this right here is the first problem. We, the ordinary folk, are put at a disadvantage by a mixture of media hysteria and widespread death, constantly drawing our consciousness toward fear and powerlessness. Let’s flip that script for ourselves and our loved ones.

Obligatory Disclaimer

I’m not a doctor or a scientist. If you’re sick or genuinely suspect you are a carrier of SARS-CoV-2, do the responsible thing. Magic is the process of “casting spells” and then taking practical steps toward your aims to make sure they happen. Although magic often overpowers normal reality, it shouldn’t be relied on. So: if you’re sick, take care of your body’s needs; if you’re infectious, don’t mix with people; if you’re perfectly healthy, don’t go licking door handles like some are doing.

Astrology and Coronavirus

First thing we must do is recognise the main culprits in this outbreak. In most Western languages “Corona” means “head.” In English, this also means the disk of light we see around the moon on a total Solar Eclipse. The Sun itself is the head (symbol of God) in the Solar System. It seems Coronavirus has a marketing department, as its international branding (seen to the left) looks remarkably like a Red Giant star (a sun, basically). In current cosmological theory, a Red Giant is the 2nd last step before a Solar System is destroyed and the star forms a nebula. So someone, or something, is trying to give us a message about this global event. The End, of something.

For my astrology on this event, I’m using Fiona Edgar’s chart (see: this video) of the moment when Dr. Li Wenliang bravely revealed this new viral strain to the world. At this time the Sun was in Capricorn (a sign that can refer to government and society) coming out of a trine with Uranus – a yearly aspect that shakes up and expands our worldview.

At the time of this writing, the virus is in most countries, yet most of us haven’t gotten sick from it. So far this is all playing out in our minds (our “coronas”). Either we’re waiting for it to effect us and making drastic changes to our thinking or we have experienced it and it has changed how we think – in both situations we have been traumatised. Trauma effects the body by lowering the immune system and makes us hyper-vigilant of threats – many of us worry when we develop flu-like symptoms and when someone around us coughs. Perhaps a degree of caution is necessary in our Brave New World, but it has gotten out of control to the point that most governments have stopped testing people based on reported symptoms and instead are only testing people in serious condition – leading to further confusion and suspicion. Who has the virus? Do I? Where is this invisible enemy and will it kill the people I love? So the first step in magically surviving Coronavirus is to take care of your mind.

Gallows Humour

“Gallow” is an ancient word for pole or cross used for crucifixion. Later in history it came to mean the pole and platform criminals were hanged to death on, which is where we get the term “gallows humour” as the men involved in preparing the prisoner for execution didn’t necessarily feel comfortable with being the hand that took another person’s life, so they’d make jokes which acknowledged the gruesome nature of what they were doing – and imaginably, they joked with the condemned man/woman, also. In modern times, whether you’re a mortician working with dead bodies or a sniper team on the side of a hill, taking lives from afar, you’re likely to indulge in gallows humour to take the edge off the reality of what you’re doing.

Regardless of what you think about this Brave New World we now live in – staying at home, avoiding friends, being economically obliterated, or seeing friends and family drown in their own respiratory fluids – it’s absolutely imperative that we take the sting out of our experiences by laughing at them. Not just to remove the sting, but to disempower the people who want to profit from our fear. I’m sure we can all remember a hero in a book, movie, or TV show where (s)he is hopelessly captured and being tortured, but makes jokes at his/her torturer’s expense. Yes, it’s fiction, but there has been many times in history when someone had to pretend as if they weren’t being effected by their enemy. It’s a form of psychological warfare.

Instead of being in a state of fear every time we remember the pandemic or look at our social media feed, we should devote 80% of that energy laughing. It relaxes the nervous system, empowers the immune system, and frees up our mind to think clearly during that other 20% of time. The importance of this cannot be over-stated.

If all we do is joke about something, we’ll never take it seriously or act in a way to change our situation, so we’ll move onto more practical things.

Culprit #2 – Pluto

When Coronavirus broke out in China in December 2019, infecting tens of thousands, the world didn’t take it very seriously. Only when Italy became infected (January 31st 2020) that in the following 2 weeks the Western world took it seriously as a pandemic. This is very close to Saturn coming into alignment with Pluto in Capricorn (February 16th) – a rare event, only occurring every 500-ish years – spelling the end of old structures and ways of being. While Saturn represents the structures that form our lives, Pluto represents the hidden aspect to those structures. Both of these planets like to make a mess when they see structures that no longer make sense. Right now, Saturn has moved on to the sign of Aquarius to help us rediscover more balanced ways of living, but Pluto still lingers in the authoritarian sign of Capricorn, making a mess of everything we once knew as reality.

As of this writing, Jupiter is coming into alignment with Pluto, amplifying its effects. In the weeks and months leading up to this moment we have, as a society, had to face a lot of the problems we’ve been overlooking – the incompetence of our politicians, the corruption of our scientific institutions, the decay of our medical infrastructure (lack of equipment, underpaid staff etc), our economic system which has been running for years on farts and dreams, our fragmenting social circles, and our overall lack of preparedness as a species. The beginning of magical survival is here – don’t be angry at Pluto and the Plutonic forces for spoiling your party, EMBRACE THEM. Invite this Plutonic energy into your life, because the only way out is through.

Stay Hidden

There’s an invisible enemy ripping through the population, governments are starting to track our every movements to help combat it, and police/military are setting up roadblocks to make sure people aren’t travelling “unnecessarily.” You’re an adult, capable of learning the available information, and making a decision that respects the safety of those around you – this is why we live in Constitutional Republics. So if your government is over-reaching by invading your privacy, it’s time to use some cloaking technology.

This is a sigil you can use to hide from any Plutonic illness or oppressive government. Just the symbol of Pluto, surrounded by the circle of Corona Virus® – basically just a circle with points sticking out like the hour segments of a clock. Draw this on a piece of paper, card, on your skin, or (better yet) make a talisman with the symbol on it. The talisman should be made with any material black in colour, bismuth or gems/stones that are black and reflective, or materials that you’ve found in hidden/cold/dark places (like some wood you found in the garden surrounded by vegetation or under a number of other discarded things). Remember that there are no strict rules to magic – only guidelines.

Charge Your Sigil/Talisman

You will want to charge your sigil or talisman. This involves you building up psychic energy which you’ll transfer into it by either looking at or holding it. There are as many ways of building up psychic energy as the human imagination allows, but here is a handy list of ideas.

If you want more granular and specific control over the charging of your sigil/talisman, you might want to use Astrological Magic. In this old magical tradition, days of the week are given to each of the planets (this is where we get SUNday, MOONday etc) and each of the hours are divided amoung those 7 planets (here’s a calculator to help you know what day/hour). Say as example I wanted to prioritise my talisman for health, I would wake up next Monday at 7am (sunrise where I am) which would be the day of the Moon and the hour of the Moon or wait until 2:46pm and make my talisman then. If I wanted to prioritise it for avoiding authorities, I would wake up at 7am of Thursday (Thor’s Day, Jupiter’s Day) or wait until 2:46pm and make my talisman then. It can get even more complicated than that, but that should be enough for this small task.

Fox Medicine

Fox Medicine comes from the indigenous Americans. Surely you are familiar with the idea of tuning into the behaviour and spirit of particular animals to embody their energy. Usually, one waits to be given the powers by a particular animal, but one may meditate upon the form and energy to embody it. The fox is a very quiet and cunning creature, able to navigate human and other animal’s territory without being detected. They’re very skilled at protecting their family, able to detect threats and evacuate their young with great speed. They observe without being seen or without anybody ever knowing they were there. Use your imagination to reach out to this energy.

For us in Europe, a more common animal is the owl. They’re as rare a sight as the fox, perhaps even rarer. I personally have never seen an owl in real life, probably because they sit camouflaged in the trees. What distinguishes the owl from the fox is their hunting and preference for the night. An owl can see 360º around them, as they can turn their neck around completely without moving the rest of their body. They sit in the trees, observing the night time forest floor, and swoop in our of nowhere to capture their prey.  This is another powerful creature to meditate upon and embody. They’re also a preferred animals for our ancestors to practice the Second Sight with, seeing through their eyes and sometimes even controlling them.


This magical term is likely familiar to you, either through osmosis, through The Steve Miller Band song by the same name, or the Irish fast-food chain AbraKEBABRA. We don’t know where it comes from or what it means, but its early roots comes from Ancient Rome and was prescribed to the emperor to keep him free from infection and illness. Regardless of its origin, the sigil has a lot of power invested in it by now. It’s been most recently used by “the Cunning Folk” of Britain and Ireland (“witches”). As the Romans did, they would write or inscribe it, and put it on their front door to keep away the epidemics of their time.

Crisis and Opportunity are the same word

In the West we say that the Chinese for “Crisis” is the same as “Opportunity”, but it turns out that this is crap. However, the word wēijī does mean “danger at the point of juncture”, pointing toward the ancient wisdom of those people that things aren’t always black and white. Many times in our lives, if we’re paying attention, we will come to a point where we have a choice to move forward with something more positive or continue on down an even darker path – I speak as a person who has continually chosen that darker path – often, a situation arises or someone comes into our life to drag us down that dark path unless we have the strength and foresight to take the stronger path. Alternatively, destructive events occur for the purpose of breaking us out of patterns and to give us the choice of two or more possible futures. The destructive event destroys everything we’ve known beforehand to make sure we don’t hit reverse and avoid the opportunity. Today, we as individuals and whole societies have had our world destroyed, and now we’re free to choose a path forward without the burden of yesterday.

Readers who were teenagers in the early 2000s of older will recognise the above as the words of Tyler Durden in the cult classic “Fight Club,” but were quoted faithfully from the book’s author, Palahniuk. If you haven’t watched “Fight Club”, this is the time to do so. If you’ve seen “Fight Club,” watch it again today. We are all the unnamed protagonist now. Many of us have had their fake Ikea lives blown up and will soon be inhabiting dilapidated mansions (if we’re lucky). It’s time we met our situations for what they are instead of getting sour grapes…

Sorry, I’m just compelled to point out that this wisdom is very much in our culture. Death – the end – often happens physically, but more often it happens spiritually. Cycles in our lives come to an end, and usually we flow with those ends, but fewer of us manage to as we grow older. How many bitter old men and women do you meet on the street? At some point we just give up.

With Pluto and Saturn aligning last month, everything has been thrown up in the air, including your own life. My life, too. The future is uncertain. This might seem like a scary prospect, but it also means that for once in your life your future isn’t ordained. All bets are off, we’re all just looking for survival. Maybe you can find a new identity in the chaos.

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