Saturn Retrograde Ends – Limits Lifted

You may have heard of a retrograde planet from the famous and infamous “Mercury Retrograde”, but what does a Saturn and Pluto retrograde mean for us?

We’re living in exciting astrological and meteorological times – the planets are giving us more surprises, grief, and opportunity than usual, the Sun is going through a Solar Minimum causing the Northern Lights to be seen as far South as County Limerick – all signs of a great transformation on individual and collective levels. With Saturn and Pluto coming closer together, they’re at the crux of this event. Up until September 12th they have both been retrograde (APPEARING to move backward through the signs) with Saturn now being station (standing still) until September 23rd (17:59:15 Irish Time). Pluto, too, will be going station on the 28th (8:17:18 Irish Time) and direct on October 8th (9:35:34 Irish Time).

Generally we’re told retrograde planets are the cause of grief and struggle, but when it comes to malific (harsh) planets like this pair it’s a little more complicated. Yes, these stern teachers have been making us repeat lessons the whole Summer, which they already taught us this year. Yes, that can be annoying and frustrating, but at least we got a break over the “summer holidays”. As the planets have been moving closer together over this past two and a half years, an increased tension has been building on the world stage and in most of our lives to get our shit together and reinvent the world. This year’s Winter and Spring has seen loss and devastation for many people (more than usual). Over this retrograde season, Saturn has been moving AWAY from Pluto, giving us some breathing space, while at the same time giving most people the feeling that we’re walking through mud to achieve our goals. This was ultimately a good thing because we needed this time to assess whether our goals were actually practical and would lead to where we want to go in life.

Saturn now stands still for another week, preparing to make His journey to meet Pluto in January of next year.  We may at this time get itchy feet while we wait for Him, Father Time, to fire the starting pistol and resume our own journey. Don’t judge yourself on the struggles and chaos of this year’s Winter and Spring or your lack of drive in the Summer – know that something larger than you has had an influence, acting for your benefit, and that this will all seem to be a distant memory in a few weeks when you’re busier and more motivated than before. Don’t despair or ever feel frightened – if you survived this last year, you’ve already made the cut for Saturn’s master class and have the potential in you. Contact me or another astrologer whom you resonate with and get an insight, personalised to you, so that you’re better prepared to make the most out of this new world being built.

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