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By Deaglán

Astrological Birth Chart Report


Using the ancient art and science of Astrology I can assist you in understanding your unique place in creation – how you deal best with people, your latent abilities, your destiny, and how to live more authentically.
Each report is roughly 4 pages long and takes 5 – 12 hours to deliver.

Order via the contact page. Be sure to have your birth place, time, and date ready.

Astrological Report & Full Consultation

€80 (€40 for repeat clients)

With psychic and astrological pre-knowledge of your individual consciousness and character, and armed with your astrological chart and my Tarot cards – I can give you powerful life advice and tactics for current circumstances. For in-person clients I will also utilize the ancient wisdom of palmistry.
Astrological reports are roughly 4-5 pages long and take 5 – 12 hours to deliver, and consultations in person or over Messenger/Skype last 30-40 minutes.

Order via the contract page. If you haven’t already gotten your Astrological report, be sure to have your birth place, time, and date ready.