Sickness and Death in 2019

Since the beginning of 2019 there has been a “harvest”, amoung other intense energetic events, which a number of people have been experiencing or seeing around them often in the form of sickness and death. Saturn’s conjunction with Pluto lies at the root.

It’s not rare for planets to conjunct (“line up” in the sky) – every New Moon is a Sun-Moon conjunction, for example. These events have quick and common impacts on our consciousness and usually go unnoticed. It’s when the slow moving planets, like Saturn and Pluto, “align” that we get the slower-burning and more profound impacts which gradually unfold and change society. In terms of Saturn-Pluto conjunctions, it’s roughly a once in 38 year occurrence lasting about two years. Conjunctions, as well as other “aspects” (configurations between planets in the zodiac), slowly build up to the point of exact alignment and then de-escalate. Currently we’re in the escalation period of this conjunction which will come to climax in January of 2020.

Saturn & Pluto’s Relationship

These can be the strictest and darkest planets in the solar system, but also the most liberating if we can and want to learn their lessons.

Saturn rules structure, time, and matter – He oversees our growth and poses lessons at critical points in our lives so we can evolve materially and emotionally into our next life phase. On a global scale He tests our relationships, our legal systems, our economies, and other institutions to make sure they’re suitable for the current world. What He’s not satisfied with, He may test again or destroy so that new forms can take their place.

Pluto is the master of the underworld – everything buried in the unconscious, hidden, secretive, and conspiratorial. It’s no mistake that as Pluto was about to enter Capricorn in 2008 and shake up the very nature of institutional secrecy, the astronomical community tried to diminish the planet itself by declaring it to instead simply be a ball of ice. Regardless of what Pluto physically is, its impact on our societies is undeniable.

So what does it mean when these two powerful actors conjunct?

Most notable about this conjunction is where it’s taking place – Capricorn, the home sign of Saturn, which He just “returned” to almost a year to the day this conjunction began, bringing about a deconstruction of our current world order. With both planets in this sign, it reflects a period of routing out every antiquated and secretive structure. Their combined efforts makes Saturn more discerning when running us through His tests – He wants to make sure that in 2 years time, nobody and no structure is left standing that’s not fit for the new age. This means an end to issues left on the back burner, secrets suppressed by family and government, and illnesses. Illnesses, both physical and mental, is particularly striking to me this year as many people are experiencing flare ups of chronic conditions, intensification of mental struggle, people resorting to suicide, and outright death. After writing this I will contact hospitals and clinics to substantiate this, but I believe the worsening conditions of Irish hospitals has been in the media more due to an actual uptick in people requiring hospital visits from the start of the year.

On a human level, a number of us are choosing to, or no longer can, be here and are passing on. There are three reasons for this in my reckoning; some of us are simply at the end of our life cycles, some of us don’t want to be around for the challenging times ahead, and some of us aren’t strong enough to pass Saturn’s karmic tests related to self-care and emotional growth. We’re being “harvested”, if you will. There is no shame or judgment in dying, it just hurts the people around us and should be avoided until we’ve completed the journey we came here to take. More on this later.

On a global level, it’s this author’s humble opinion that it’s not looking very nice. Although my judgement could be skewed by the constant terrifying tones of the media and I could be wrong, this new world Saturn and Pluto are ushering us into may be the culmination of what some call the New World Order. With very little collective growth in terms of consciousness, the rise of AI, smart grids, the dissolution of national sovereignty, and the breakdown of the economy necessitating a cashless society, we’re looking headlong into a global dictatorship. On the flip side of the coin, Saturn-Pluto offers us a doorway for us to collectively walk through, leaving behind these systems which don’t really work for our benefit anyway, and create something new which doesn’t involve a global dictatorship.

On a personal level, this transit will effect you uniquely based on your own birth chart, and this is what I and other Astrologers are here to help you with. While most are drowning, others are building boats and charging a premium fee to ferry people to dry land. There’s never any Astrological event or personal birth chart that spells out in big letters “You’re f*cked, mate.” Rather, it’s more like a weather forecast letting you know how difficult or easy a job might be to complete on any particular day or to advise you on what job you should prioritise. Maybe the collective destiny of the planet is to live in a high-tech Brave New World, but if you play your cards right you could be one of the lucky few living on the paradisical space station ruling the rest of us from above. I advise you to find your own birth chart and see how this year’s skies impact you or order a birth chart reading from me via this website.

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