The Occult Astrology of 9/11

We’re coming up on two decades since the atrocity known as 9/11, an event so global in scale in terms of media coverage and social change that it has changed our world beyond recognition. There are now young adults alive today who have only stories, TV shows, and other media as faint clues as to what a pre-9/11 world was like. As such, we’re seeing the fulfillment of its purpose only now. An historical marker, heralding the New World Order.

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I’m going to try to interpret this in a neutral fashion when it comes to questions like “who did it?” as that is still a contentious question in 2019, but we see Jupiter up in the Midheaven, in the 9th House (His home). You can say this is the King overseeing a distant battle from his castle tower, with a square to the Ascendant (ASC) AND Mercury. We can see the Ascendant in this case being the people and the nation itself and Mercury, of course, dealing in communication and thought processes. Jupiter is directing Cancerean 9th House energy toward us, the helpless victims and spectators, heralding a change in how we view our own safety and stability. Our security is being threatened – and with Cancer’s Ruler, the Moon, also in the 9th House opposing Mars we get a clearer idea of how it’s being taken away. By brute force. We’re being told that we’re going to have to harden our shells even more to protect our precious mushy insides. With Jupiter’s direct and explicit involvement here, we can pretty much guarantee that our own “King” either orchestrated this, encouraged it, or let it happen for “his” own ends.

Uranus, planet of expansion and the unknown, coming from the 5th House and Aquarius aligned beautifully with ASC/Mercury, Saturn, and Moon, we see the co-operation of an unknown 3rd party striking at the roots of our identity and community relationships as it inconjuncts the Sun and opposes Venus. Due to no close aspects with Jupiter, it’s likely that Uranus was operating behind His back, despite it ultimately being in Jupiter’s interest. Uranus was transiting Nashira (Gamma Capricorni) that week, known for denoting conquest through evil means. It’s named in Anglicised Arabic, “the lucky one” or “bearer of good news”, which might give us a clue as to who was involved behind the scenes. It’s important to remember that such large operations require the co-operation of multiple nations.

Everyone who addresses the fact Pluto and Saturn were in opposition at the time raves about it being the most important aspect of the day, but do we truly understand it? First we need to understand where both planets were “coming from”, as it were, to understand the complete picture.

He was in Sagittarius since 1995, so this is less important than Him being only just in the 3rd House at the time of the first plane collision. As this is the House of practical communication it had a double effect – first of all it confused people, even Jupiter, leading to a series of straight up lies from government and media and second of all it surrounded the event in mystery that would obsess the minds of millions for years to come, to the point of mental breakdown for many. With it’s trine to Venus in 10th House Leo we see how this had the silver lining of bringing people together to bond people in a collective identity – we saw that in the galvanisation of New Yorkers, particularly, the days after the attack. The problem is that this collective identity was co-opted immediately by government and media to say “Let’s clamp down on our own freedom and go bomb those damn Arabs to hell.” Like the Uranus aspect, this Pluto placement points to secrecy, but on America’s part. It’s interesting to note that during the Summer and Autumn, Pluto was lingering less then a degree from Rastaban (Beta Draconis) known for criminal damage and loss, and at the time of the attack in 12º Sagittarius known for accidents involving wheeled vehicles.

Saturn in the 9th House along with its ruler, Jupiter, was in 14º Gemini causing impairment in speech, probably reflecting George W. Bush’s reaction and just him as a person. It negatively affected the Sun (outward personality of the nation) that day, with cooperation from that unknown Uranus ally as well as the newly forming self-identity around Venus, challenged Jupiter in his own House to change laws and outlooks on the world. He’s semisextile with Jupiter (basically, one sign behind). You could say pushing Him into a more assertive sign, that of Leo.

The Saturn/Pluto opposition is significant, but it more talks about a period of time spanning months which we all felt in our own ways. I’m more interested in the Moon opposing Mars, an opportune time to get under peoples’ skin, as well as how that opposition interacts with the “birth” chart of the United States of America – or rather, the political edifice ruling North America now.

Here we see Pluto sitting on the Ascendant of America, opposing Saturn sitting on the Descendant. This heralds a momentous event involving death or some other kind of disaster – a karmic rectification. Pluto brings America’s (ASC) physical identity out of the veils of secrecy and Saturn rocks its (Ds) relationship to the world, all in one overwhelming event.

The Manipulation of History

This is where I seriously depart from the common understanding of this event in Astrological circles and suggest that this could have been a very positive year for America, but The Powers That Be intercepted this crucial moment for their own needs and agenda, directing peoples’ energies in a completely different direction. It’s precisely because this event happened at such a time that the magnitude of its crime is invisible to so many. Try to cast your mind back (if you’re old enough) to what was going on around then, particularly in 1999. Who remembers The Battle of Seattle? This was a culmination of an over-all feeling in America and around the world. We were getting sick of global finance ruining the world, ruining our environment, and turning our societies into a consumeristic dystopian nightmare. With the Internet being plugged into more and more houses, we were communicating on messageboards, sharing suppressed news and information, and bringing that information into our local communities to stir up rebellion….. then 9/11 happened and we forgot about that completely. We started arguing and clashing in the streets with each other over whether or not to ethnically cleanse whole nations and which nations had weapons of mass destruction. All the while, our overlords enshrined their surveillance state and enacted draconian laws to curb our expression and basic rights. Remember “Free Speech Zones”? They were made up in America to keep government officials safe from angry anti-war protesters and render the demonstrations ineffective. Now this same precedent is being used to “protect” Family Planning Centers from those who want to help prevent infanticide.

As the years went by, terrorist attacks (false flags and otherwise) justified even further restrictions on fundamental rights and further blanket surveillance. What was this all justified by? 9/11. We only needed to be reminded of it every few months or years with a minor attack from Arabs or lone white boys shooting schoolchildren. As this continued, the Middle East, North Africa, and several other countries were being relentlessly pounded back into the stone age, causing hundreds of thousands to be displaced. The richest (and untouched) countries in the regions refused to accept any of these new refugees, who inevitably are arriving in Europe. Now we’re arguing amounst ourselves over whether we should allow these artificially-created refugees to dilute our culture or not. But who remembers global finance destroying everything? Almost nobody. What once was the Left wing fighting globalism has now become a convoluted hot mess, busy playing apologist for the West, and ultimately supporting globalism. We’ve switched from grounded and practical concerns to ungrounded idealism. What a miracle!

If 9/11 wasn’t orchestrated by our globalist overlords, they were extremely lucky to have it occur. America and Europe were on the very brink of revolution. Sure, the potential was there for us to end up in a Communist dictatorship, but at least we wouldn’t be billions in debt and at the behest of corporations. We could have worked it out from there. Instead, we’re living in their simulated reality where our autonomy and fate are robbed from us, necessitating our further enslavement.

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